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About Us

Pride Cabinets And Fine Furniture was started with great ambition and high goals. Our goals are simple, produce a product that the customer will cherish, deliver and install the product in a timely manner, and NEVER give a product that wouldn't be acceptable in our own home. With these goals in mind, is why Pride Cabinets and Fine Furniture has the great reputation that is has come to build. First impressions mean a great deal to us. When a company does the job right the fist time and on a single trip, it sets a lasting impression. Thats what we thrieve for.

Pride Cabinets and Fine Furniture is locally owned and operated by Chris Courville and Trey Martinez. Chris has a total of nine years experience in all phases of the business. He was proudly awarded the top of the class for two years straight in high school for his wood working ability. In 2002 was granted a scholarship to persue his craft, but declined it to stay in the cabinet shop and get hands on experience. Trey has always loved building and being creative. After meeting Chris, a great deal of time ago, Trey has falling in love with cabinetry and fine woodworking. He has more drive and motivation then anyone else I have seen in the bussiness.